Here’s what’s on Randy’s Vinyl Tap for Nov 29 & 30
    On this edition of the really big Vinyl Tap show Randy Bachman tries something a little different... another playlist of musical opposites and as you might have guessed, this time it involves big and little. But don't worry... this is not going to be like an episode of Sesame Street where one fluffy Muppet will try to explain the difference. This show features songs that have big or little in the title or songs that are performed by artists or groups with big or little in their name. The artists include Big Sugar, Little Miss Brenda Lee, Mr Big, The Rolling Stones, Natalie Cole, Linda Scott, Joe Cocker, Big Wreck and many others. So, do yourself a big favour...grab a little green bag, hop into a big yellow taxi and spend little time tuned in to the Tap.
Here’s what’s on Randy’s Vinyl Tap for Nov 22 & 23
   On this edition of Vinyl Tap we are family... all part of the Vinyl Tap family as Randy Bachman dedicates a whole show to music that includes a family relationship in the title. Songs about families and family members have been around since the beginning of songwriting and include everything from sappy ballads to rock anthems. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and even grandma get in on the act this week and the musical family tree features tunes from Electric Light Orchestra, Sister Sledge, The Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, James Brown, the Supremes and many more.

We are all part of one big happy family this week so be sure to tune in to the Tap.
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